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For over 40 years we have been the premier auction house for real estate sales, special collections, and estate liquidations. We specialize in live and online auctions with a strong commitment to finding the best auction solutions for any situation.

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Always ACCEPTING Consignments

We are looking for special collections, unique finds, downsizing and estate assets, business liquidations, cars, coins, antiques, sports memorabilia, outdoor gear, tools, and pretty much anything to include in our next auction. We can (and do) sell just about everything. If you have something to sell and want access to our huge list of buyers, email us at for a free consultation.

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Current & Upcoming Auctions

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July Estate IV S Quintero St 2022
Auction Closing July 13th 2022
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July Luthier and Woodworking Shop 2022
Auction Closing July 18th 2022
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Open for Bidding
Wolverine Ct - Real Estate - Loveland 2022
Auction Closing July 20th 2022
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Open for Bidding
July Field and Stream I 2022
Auction Closing July 20th 2022
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Open for Bidding
July Estate III Wolverine Ct 2022
Auction Closing July 21st 2022
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Open for Bidding
July Estate V Teal Cir 2022
Auction Closing July 24th 2022
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Colorado’s Premier Auction House for over 40 years

Pacific Auction is a family-owned and operated alternative local marketplace for buyers and sellers who desire a hands-off, customized solution for either liquidating or purchasing special collections, household goods, real estate, vehicles and more.


When you sell with Pacific Auction, you are working with a family-owned business that cares about you and your belongings.

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When you buy from Pacific Auction, you can count on quality products, state-of-the-art shipping, and a solid reputation built over 40 years.

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The auction marketplace serves both buyers and sellers, offering equally valuable, yet fundamentally different benefits to both audiences. To sellers, the auction marketplaces offers a fast, efficient way to convert physical property into immediate cash. For buyers, auctions offer the ability to get a variety of high-quality, sometimes rare goods for pennies on the dollar. Both groups benefit from expert appraisals, widespread marketing of new auctions, and the satisfaction of engaging in an environmentally-friendly way to reduce and reuse.

Our Services

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Household & Estate
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Special Collections &
Specialty Items
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Real Estate
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Commercial Property &
Business Liquidations
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Estate Clean Out

Field And Stream Auctions

Our signature Field and Stream Auctions are going year around and we are one of the best in our industry for sportsman auctions.